Grainfather Glycol chiller will let you control the temperature of your fermenter with accuracy

Controlling your temperature is an important step to making sure your beer wort or mash and wash for your still is fermented correctly. Regulation and stability  through the entire process of your fermentation will make sure the yeast ferments correctly to get the right flavor profile.

You can control the power of the chiller by itself, or control up to four Grainfather conical fermenters at once with the Grainfather Glycol chiller, with the ability to set each unit to their own unique fermentation schedule.

Pairing the glycol unit with the Grainfather fermenter will be easy and user-friendly and provide the best brewing or distilling experience possible with the Grainfather. A cooling sleeve can be found on the Grainfather conical fermenter, which the chiller can be hooked into. Using the digital controller found in the Pro Edition or Deluxe Kit for the conical fermenter, you will be able to regulate temperature to a tee, cooling when needed and heating when needed. The sleeve where the chiller will attach is between walls on the fermentation vessel, meaning there is no cleaning needed and no risk of direct contact.

Two brass couplings are available on the unit to allow the two hoses that come with the cooling kit to hook in. These hoses have self-sealing technology and are 6.5′ long.


  • Chill up to 6 Gallons worth of mash or wash to as cold as 39F
  • Control your fermentation’s temperature with precision
  • Ability to regulate temperature on up to four conical fermenters at once.

Additional Information:

  • Digital temperature readout display
  • Glycol tank can hold 1.5 Gallons
  • 300 W
  • 110 – 120 V at 60H
  • 62 LB unit