Methanol Test Kit For Alcohol

Methanol test kit is designed for testing for methanol in distilled spirits or testing for methanol in homemade alcohol moonshine and homemade craft spirits. Methanol test for alcohol is done by a laboratory that specializes in testing distilled spirits and beer. The Lab is very familiar with methanol test for alcohol.  The testing is completed using a gas chromatraphy- ( GC – ecd ) which is an analytical method that combines the features of gas-chromatography and electron capture detection to identify different substances within a test sample. Basically it separates the higher alcohols and esters by boiling point. This test allows the laboratory to identify if methanol is present in the sample and if so how much.

The methanol test kit is a kit that we ship to you then you fill the included glass sample bottle with your spirit sample, write in contact information name and phone number on the sample submittal form, place in the FedEx pre-labeled Padded Pak and give to FedEx or drop off at FedEx drop off location to be sent to the laboratory for the methanol test. The test results take approximately 2-3 weeks then we will email you the results. A very simple way to be sure your spirits have been produced correctly. This test kit includes a 30ml glass sample bottle, foam lined box, and FedEx Express 2 Day pre-labeled padded pack to ship to the lab, and includes easy to follow instructions. A good solution for distilleries and hobbyist distillers perfecting their craft.

At this time we do not offer the methanol test kit to customers located in countries outside of the United States do to the challenge of shipping liquids through customs.

This test kit is for informational purposes only. Mile Hi Distilling is not liable for any wrong doing or misuse of information.