Still Controller 110 Volt with 2000 Watt Element

Still Controller 110 Volt with 2000 Watt Element heating system for boilers up to 13 gallons. Yes, this still controller with 2000 watt stainless element will heat up a 13-gallon boiler in about 2.5 hrs. and will run a 3″ diameter tower on the 13-gallon boiler with no problem. 8-gallon heat up time is about 1.5 hours and 3 gallon is about 45 minutes heat up time.  This still controller 110 volt allows you to dial in the heat with constant current and without any heat cycling. The stainless 2000 watt immersion heating element clamps into the 2″ tri-clamps fittings on Mile Hi Distilling boilers. This allows to be removed for cleaning.  Still Controller includes 4ft wire lead with standard 120V 3 prong plug and element housing with 2″ tri-clamp ferrule fitting. These controllers have a 1 year warranty. The heating element is a maintenance item and will need to be replaced over time so the elements do not have a warranty. Mile Hi stocks all the parts for the controller so even after the warranty expires you can get replacement parts to repair if need be.

Note; if you have an older milk can with the 1″ threaded fitting we do have 1500 watt heating elements with a threaded fitting in place of the 2″ tri-clamp. just note on the order that you need the threaded heating element in place of the tri-clamp heating element.


110 Volt 20 Amp circuit  

The old style threaded element that is 1500W requires a minimum 15 amp circuit.