Still Spirits Turbo Carbon

Add Still Spirits Turbo Carbon with any Turbo Yeast for a clean, smooth spirit. 

Still Spirits Turbo Carbon is essential for removing impurities during fermentation. It has a unique activated internal pore structure which removes impurities that are not taken out by post distillation filtration. 

Detail instructions on packet 

1 packet is sufficient for 25 to 30 Liters ( 6.5 to 8 US Gallons ) 

Net Wt 130 grams ( 4.5 oz )

Use Turbo Clear after fermentation to settle out solids before distillation. Siphon off the top of the fermenter to leave the sediment/solids on the bottom.  If Turbo Clear is not used or the wash has not settled out, the turbo carbon can transfer into the still boiler and the impurities trapped by Turbo Carbon will be released during the boil. Filtering through cheesecloth can also help with producing a clean wash prior to distillation.