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Still Heat Source Guide

Still heat source guide will help you identify the best way to heat your alcohol distiller or moonshine still. can be gas burner, electric hot plate or electric controller with hot water heating elements.


Hot Plates

110 Volt/1500 Watt Boilers up to 8 gallons

220 Volt/2000 Watt Boilers up to 13 gallons

Boiler sits on top of hot plate and heats from the bottom.

Emersion Heater with Thermostat

110 Volt/1500 Thermostat Boilers up to 8 gallons

This heating element does cycle, but is affordable

Emersion Heaters with Controllers

110 Volt/1500 Watt Single – Boilers up to 8 gallons

220Volt/5500 Watt Single – Boilers up to 26 gallons

220 Volt/5500 Watt Dual –  Boilers from 26 to 60 gallons

220 Volt/5500 Watt Quad – Boilers from 60 to 150 gallons

These controllers function like a dimmer switch on a light just much more durable with a variable relay. The controller supplies constant power while allowing the operator to control the amount of power by adjusting the knob. Constant power with no power cycling.

The 220 Volt controllers with immersion heaters simply clamp to the boiler and are an excellent heat source that allow the operator to have total control over the heat. (see thumbnail photos on each controllers page to see how they easily camp into all of Mile Hi Distilling’s boilers)


SQ 14 Boilers up to 15 gallons

Kick A Banjo 26 gallon Boiler

The SQ14 is a basic gas burner that also works well on kegs. Kick A Banjo is best suited for the 26 gallon boiler and has a surface area of 17″. The 10″ burner really puts out the BTUs.

See all heat sources, photos, and pricing on our heat source page