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Economy Moonshine Distillers

Economy Moonshine Distillers are made in China
Eleven years ago, because my American job was outsourced to Mexico, I started Mile High Distilling. Ever since I opened the doors to this company it has been my commitment to provide quality, American made moonshine distillers, at a fair price. I know what it’s like to have your job outsourced for cheap labor, which results in cheap products. Recently several of my competitors have begun selling moonshine still towers that are made in China. These towers are adequate in construction and will do a decent job of distilling, but they are not the quality, USA made, stainless steel used in our handcrafted Mile Hi towers.
After several months of seeing how my competitors have been selling these Chinese knockoffs at inflated prices Mile High Distilling has decided to begin carrying a line of economy priced, Chinese manufactured moonshine stills. I want to make it clear that I do not feel that these products are a substitute for the hand welded, custom crafted products that my welders have been proudly producing for over a decade,  I think it’s sad that companies based in America and selling products used for making moonshine, which is an American tradition, would take away manufacturing jobs from fellow Americans.
To our knowledge, we are still the only American manufacturer of small, personal use stainless moonshine stills in the United States. The towers that you might see on other websites are definitely made in China despite their resemblance to our patented, time tested, distilling towers
Economy moonshine stills ship within 3 to 5 business days.

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