3 Inch Diameter Econ Two-Piece Tower

3 Inch Diameter Econ Two-Piece Tower is for Pot or reflux. This two-piece tower fits standard beer kegs with a 3×2 adapter or milk cans boilers with a 3″ ferrule.  At Mile Hi, we hand craft our own still towers to be of the highest quality so you can start distilling with confidence and ease.  We are passionate about creating the best distilling equipment and parts you can buy.

Tower is 28” inches tall and comes with:

  1. Two 3″ tri-clamps.
  2. 3” dial thermometer.
  3. Three 3″ Gaskets
  4. 1 1.5″ NPT, gasket and clamp to hold dial thermometer in thermometer port

Please note – This tower is currently on a 3-4 week delivery time

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