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16 Gallon Still Boiler SCRATCH AND DENT


16 gallon still boiler

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16 Gallon Still Boiler SCRATCH AND DENT

Note: Boilers are discounted for scratch and dent and some may not sit level. Only a few of these in stock and will go quickly. Pictures available at customer request.

Still Boiler Includes:

1. 8″ Rolled Top Opening with lid size of your choice

2. Heavy duty butterfly drain valve 

3. 2″ fill port located on top of the boiler

4. 2-2″ ferrule tri-clamp fittings for heating elements.

5. 1/2″  female NPT for thermometer or temperature probe.

Heat Source for this 16 gallon still boiler distiller boiler is electric 220 Volt Single Temp Controller or large gas burner. see heat source page


16″ Diameter

26″ Tall to top of lid

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 25 in


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