26 Gallon Heavy Duty Milk Can with 4 Inch Dome Lid and Clamp

Introducing our 26 Gallon Heavy Duty Milk Can with 4 Inch Dome Lid and Clamp. These cans are 100% welded and mirror polished. All boilers have an 8” opening which is standard for all Mile Hi Distilling boilers so all lids are interchangeable. This 26 gallon can comes with 4” dome lid. There is no vapor leakage with the tri-clamp lids.If you want a different size lid just note it on your order what size you want. Price is the same for all size lids when purchasing a milk can boiler so just let us know if you want a lid size different then 4″. Lid size options are 2″ , 3″ or 4″ 

 These boilers are in stock and will ship in 1-3 business days.


1. 4” Ferruled Dome Lid with roll top fitting edge

2. 8” clamp and silicone gasket for domed lid

3. Heavy duty butterfly valve drain

4. 1/2″ female NPT fitting welded on the boiler for thermometer.

5. 2″ Filler Neck

6. Two 2″ tri-clamps for heating elements

7. 2″ Caps

8. Threaded stainless male plug 1/2″ to be used in place of thermometer


19.5″ Diameter x 29.5″ from the base to the top of the lid


47 lbs