16 Gallon with 3 Inch Traditional Pot Still Tower

Please note: 16 gallon cans are currently unavailable and this still will likely not deliver until September 2022. Please purchase with the understanding that this still is unfortunately on a delayed lead time.

If you would not like the wait, we can upgrade your 16 gallon still to a 26 gallon boiler for the price difference between the boilers and added shipping of the larger boiler, which is $200 together. 

Please note the 3″ head on the 26 gallon will run a little slow and full run time is estimated at 11 hours with heat up time. 

Please call us at 303-987-3955 to get this arranged. This will bring lead time down to 3-4 weeks for this unit

Our 16 Gallon with 3 Inch Traditional Pot Still Tower. After introducing the 2 inch traditional still head, we have had a lot of requests to make a 3 inch version. So here it is, in all it’s glory!  made sure to get the job done. Professionally crafted right here in the shop, so reliability and craftsmanship is an absolute guarantee. This still is aptly named for being as close as a tower can get to the ones in the good old days, while remaining modern with tig-welded joints and buffed out to the super buff shine. Due to traditional moonshine tactics, this still cannot be outfitted with a thermometer. It’s intended to be used just like they did back in the good ol days of moonshining


  • Gaskets
  • Clamps
  • boiler
  • tower
  • hose kit and packing