2″ Oil Distiller Tower with an essential oil basket for distilling oils and plenty of other uses!

Using this tower for seasoning, herbal supplements, medicine, cosmetics like soap and laundry detergent, brewing tea and infusion are just a few of the things you can do with an essential oil distiller.  Purchasing essential oils can be very expensive. With the Mile Hi Distilling Essential Oil Tower, you can save money, and even find business in selling your essential oils or other creations while developing a great hobby!

Produce high-quality remedies, supplements, and other possibilities quickly and efficiently. A 4L (1 gallon) basket will give you large volumes of your botanical or other organic material to work with and the 2″ cup with condenser arm on top will keep your run from dragging out long.

Please advise this is only a distilling tower and will need a boiler to distill. We recommend the 8 Gallon 

Tower includes:

All clamp, gaskets, and fittings to set up the tower


Rubber Bung

Please advise that we do not currently offer an oil/water separator at Mile Hi.