8 Gallon Heavy Duty Milk Can with 2 Inch Dome

8 Gallon Heavy Duty Milk Can with 2 Inch Dome. These cans are 100% welded and mirror polished. All boilers have an 8” opening which is standard for all Mile Hi Distilling boilers so all lids are interchangeable. This 8 gallon stainless milk can boiler includes 2” dome lid. There is no vapor leakage with the tri-clamp lids. If you want a different size lid just note it on your order what size you want. Price is the same for all size lids when purchasing a milk can boiler so please note on the order if you want a lid size different then 2″. Lid size options are 2″ , 3″ or 4″. 

These boilers are in stock and will ship in 1-3 business days.


1. 2″ Ferruled Dome Lid with Welded-in screen to hold column packing in place

2. 8” Tri-Clamp Style and silicone gasket for dome lid

3. 2″ tri-Clamp fitting welded on the boiler for heating element or drain spigot.

4. 1/2″ female NPT fitting welded on the boiler for thermometer.

5. Can includes the 2″ end cap, clamp and gasket. Also includes 1/2″ stainless threaded plug. Use Teflon Tape on threaded plug.



12.5″ Diameter x 21″ Tall to the top of the lid


14.85 lbs