8 Gallon Stainless jacketed Kettle with all the fittings. Made of 304 stainless. See list of fittings below. A perfect solution to distill on the grain or with fruit or any solids in the kettle. The jacket creates an indirect heat so softer heat that wont burn or scorch the solids. The heat source can be a heating element that is tri-clamped into the jacket and heats oil that is in the jacket. The fittings will allow to recirculate hot water through the jacket to heat as well. It is a versatile kettle with all the fittings needed.

Can be used for cooking candy, chocolate, caramels or any foods that need to be heated with a double boiler or jacketed kettle.

8 gallon stainless jacketed kettle can be used for cannabis extraction hot or cold. Fittings will allow you to recirculate hot water or hot oil for an indirect heat that won’t damage cannabinoids. The vessel has tri-clamp fittings and can be used under vacuum. This vessel can also be used with glycol for chilling purposes for winterizing material prior to extraction for small batches.

This is a jacketed kettle and will require a pressure relief valve or a stand off tube to let any steam evaporate off and not build pressure. It is very important with this kettle that the operator does not plug and cap off all fittings then heat up water or oil. This will build pressure and could explode. Maximum pressure relief valve should be set at 10 psi.

Fittings on jacketed kettle include;

  • 8” tri-clamp on top
  • Two 2” tri-clamp ferrules into main pot for viewing or mixing
  • Two of the ¾” female pipe couplings on top of jacket for pressure relief valve
  • 2” tri-clamp ferrule for drain out of main pot
  • Three 2” tri-clamp ferrules into jacket. Both can be used for re-circulation heat or cold. The lower 2” tri-clamp can be used for a internal heating element that will heat the oil in the jacket.
  • Two ½” female pipe couplings for thermometer probes. One for the jacket and one for inner pot.
  • Two handles one on each side for moving, handling or dumping.

Does not include clamps, gaskets, end caps, safety valve, and threaded fittings. All loose fittings will need to be purchased separately.


Approximately 16” diameter and 22” tall

Capacity is 8 gallons

Made with 304 stainless steel

Please allow up to 5 business days to ship.