53 Gallon Stainless 8 Inch Diameter Mile Hi Flute 4 Sections with 4″ condenser lines and 3″ Sight glasses in windows allows you to see all the action. This column includes 8 inch stainless sections with copper bubble plates. This completely modular still allows you to run more or less sections to give you as much or as little reflux as you desire. Complete with shotgun condenser and dephlegmator. With the built-in parrot, you can see real-time percentages and proof of the distillate.

This Section Design allows the distiller to remove copper plates and run as a pot still carry over flavor from the wash or stripping still Or add more sections with plates to get the highest percentage 190 proof pure spirit for vodkas. There is also can be run with a few plates for a clean rum at 150 proof. You can easily add a sight glass with a screened gasket to be used as a gin basket or infusion chamber. Infuse the vapor with Gin or use cinnamon sticks and spices for a spiced whisky. The beauty is it has versatility and is perfect for a distillery. These 8″ diameter towers will produce.

53 Gallon Still Boiler has an 8″ tri-clamp fitting on top, 6″ cleanout, 2″ fill port or agitator port, 1/2″ coupling on the side for a thermometer, two of the 2″ ports for heating elements, drain that drains from the slight conical bottom.

All sections are made of stainless and each section comes apart for easy cleaning. Sight glass, dephlegmator, shotgun condenser and parrot are made of durable easy to clean stainless. Includes copper bubble plates and all fittings needed to assemble machine. Heat source, cooling source, and fermentation vessels sold separately.

This would make an excellent stripping still.

Suggested Heat Source;
220V Dual Temperature Controller with two 5500 watt heating elements
Large Gas Burner

53 gallon boiler has a diameter of 26.5″