Citric Acid for Cleaning Copper Stills or Copper Packing for Stills

Citric Acid for cleaning copper stills, for cleaning copper packing, copper still parts, and even used in distilling mash to adjust PH, wine-making and sometimes beer brewing. Use about 2 ounces of  per gallon of water for cleaning copper stills and have them looking like new again. A great product to clean the Copper Alembic stills to keep them looking like new and creating the best end product. Consider using Star San after to not only clean your copper still well, but sanitize it. Let copper packing soak in water with Citric Acid for an hour or so to remove oxidation and other substances clinging to your copper mesh.

One teaspoon will increase acidity in wine by about .1%. Using too much of this in your wine, beer, or grain mash for distillation can cause sour tastes, so use lightly. Citric Acid is also used to lower pH balances, and can even be used in brewing to make a product called “invert sugar”

1 lb package. Also available in a 2 oz packet