Toasted oak chips made from American White Oak. Oak Chips Light Toast for a lighter color and  oak flavor. bulk bags to save you around $3 a pound from our usual 1 lb bags we offer for big savings.  This light toasted oak works well for aging spirits like whisky, rum, tequila, or brandy.
Also available in Dark Toast
Other methods for oak aging spirits are;
Oak Spirals
Liquid Oak Extract
Use an estimated handful per 350ml of distillate and let soak in your distillate. Test every week until you get to where you want to be. In other words flavor to taste. Adjust quantity up or down to fit your flavor to taste. These chips will give spirit flavor, color and will also help with making the end product smooth. An inexpensive and straight-forward way to oak age your spirit.
Creative ideas using oak chips:
You can also char these oak chips with a propane torch and get the effects of a charred oak barrel. Lay out the oak chips on a cookie sheet or baking sheet and char with torch to a suggested medium char then add to spirit.
Soak oak ships in wine for 6 months then add to a whisky for a unique flavor profile.  This would be similar to aging a scotch in a used wine barrel.
Use oak chips that were aging whiskey to age a rum
Use oak chips that were aging rum for example in a beer for to get the barrel aged rum or a barrel aged whisky flavor in the beer.