Moonshine Starter Kit for Making Moonshine

This starter kit is an easy cost savings way to get the tools that are needed to get started making alcohol in one easy to use kit. This moonshine starter kit has what is needed to do two complete 6.5 gallon sugar wash batches. Does not include the sugar.


This moonshine starter kit includes:


  • Complete 8-gallon fermentation bucket including lid
  • Airlock
  • Alcoholmeter ( for testing alcohol proof and percentage coming off the still )
  • Hydrometer ( Triple scale hydrometer which has specific gravity, potential alcohol, and brix reading. This is used for figuring how much alcohol was made in the fermentation process. See how to use a hydrometer )
  • FH Alcohol Resistant Test Jar ( molded plastic )
  • 1 packet of 48 Hour Turbo Yeast
  • 1 packet of 24 Hour Turbo Yeast
  • 2 packets of Turbo Clear clearing agent
  • 2 packets of Turbo Carbon

We do not recommend using a drain spigot, as it tends to pull over unwanted yeast sediment. It is best to siphon off the top with a piece of tubing and not to disturb the bed of yeast that has settled to the bottom. Getting yeast and sediment into the still can give you off flavor. Take a look at the auto siphon. This a good easy way to siphon from the fermenter and right into the still.