Our Perforated Copper Plate Down Comers 4 Inch Diameter is perfect for building a still tower, or to replace old down-comers on your flute distiller.  Our Mile Hi perforated copper plates are .050 Thick plate with 129 holes that are .080.  These perforated copper plate down comers allow the spirit you are distilling to steadily flow through your flute, between sight glass sections.

Using these copper plates will help purify the distillate that you’re creating.  You can achieve a higher yield for your distilled spirit, by using more plates in your flute column.  If you’re looking to create the highest quality moonshine, whiskey, bourbon, rum, vodka, tequila or any other spirit, then these copper plates with down comers are the right solution for you.


  • .050 thick copper plate
  • 129 perforated .080 sized holes
  • Welded copper down comer

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See our perforated copper plate down comers in action

At Mile Hi Distilling, we are passionate about distilling and brewing, and as a result, hand craft the highest caliber distilling equipment available in the industry.  Use our top-notch equipment so you can focus on creating a top-notch spirit.