Rum Yeast active dry yeast, DistilaMax® RM is an active dry yeast for use with fermentations of raw cane sugar, brown sugar and or molasses. The RM yeast strain comes from the cane molasses in the tropics and shows high temperature tolerance. DistilaMax® RM rum yeast is a robust yeast used both in batch and semi-continuous fermentations. This rum yeast provides classic rum flavor characteristics and is recommended for production of rum, aguardiente and rhum agricole. Provides a desirable smoothness and classic fruitiness to spirits.

  • Alcohol Tolerance: 15% ABV
  • Optimal Temp.: 86-95F (30-35C)

Directions for use:

To restore the dried yeast to its fully active state, the yeast needs be rehydrated. To rehydrate, add yeast to a 10X volume of water at a temperature of 104F ( 40C ) then stir  and allow to stand for 15 minutes before adding to fermentation.

Pitching rates will depend on the process. The recommended pitching rate is 1.3 grams of yeast to 1 gallon of wash/mash at 104 (40C) with continuous stirring. If adding this rum yeast directly to the fermenter, temperature should be between 86F to 95F ( 30C to 35C )

DistilaMax® RM should be stored in a cool, dry area for maximum stability and adequate shelf life. When stored under these conditions, the product is
stable for 36 months from the date of manufacture.

Please note that this is dry yeast only and will need a nutrient to ferment correctly. Suggested yeast nutrient is molasses yeast nutrient DistilaVite VM