Stainless Steel Distiller Parrot with Collection Cup

Introducing our Stainless Steel Distiller’s Parrot with Collection Cup. Tired of filling up the test jar to check the percentage of alcohol or proof of alcohol during a run? Distillers parrot will give you alcohol percentage or alcohol proof real time throughout the run. A distillers parrot is positioned to where the alcohol is coming out of the still final product condenser. The alcohol drips into the distillers parrot. The spirit fills the parrot from the bottom up through the alcohol meter floating chamber and out through the parrots beak into your collection jar or container. The alcohol meter floats in the floating chamber so you can read the alcohol meter in real time. The distillers parrot makes it so easy to see the alcohol percentage coming off the still as the still is running therefor eliminating the need to consistently swap jars and fill testing jar to float the alcohol meter to read alcohol percentage.  Alcohol meter is sold separately. see alcohol meter. This Parrot is 12″ tall and weighs a whopping 2.8 lbs. This parrot is very well built here in our shop.
Made in the USA
Ships within 1-2 weeks