Stainless Steel Filter Unit

Mile Hi Distilling Stainless Steel Filter Unit is built to last. Filtering is the key to a smooth product and this unit will get the results.

31″ Long Stainless filter housing with a 2″ ferrule on each end so you can clamp it to a milk can for collection.

Wide mouth stainless funnel that is 11″ deep

1.5 lbs of Activated Carbon fills the Stainless filter housing

We suggest to use 7 coffee filters and hose clamp at discharge end of filter unit. See our video for more details.



2″ Diameter Stainless Steel Clamp

2.5″ Diameter Stainless Steel hose clamp

2″ Silicone Gasket

1.5 lbs of Mile Hi Distilling’s Activated Carbon


These filter units ship within 3 to 5 business days