The Craft of Gin

The Craft of Gin explores the history of Gin production from its crude origins in medieval Europe to the finely honed spirits of twenty-first century craft distillers.

The book describes:

  • How gin is made
  • The primary botanicals used in its production
  • Tasting notes for fifty craft gins from around the world
  • Five interviews of leading craft gin distillers

The book is rounded out with two chapters dedicated to timeless gin cocktails, their background, how they are made and the best gins and ingredients that allows them to sing.

by David T. Smith and Aaron J. Knoll

Hardcover | 88 pages

1: On Gin (The History) talks about pioneers in gin making like Pliny the Elder and Anthony Perrier and more

2: On Making Gin mentions flavors of gin, other special gin recipes, the act of infusing flavor into gin rather than distilling, and gin through pot stills

3: Juniper and Other Botanicals lists different ingredients in gin like Coriander Seed and more

4: On Tasting Gin  has tasting notes and more

5: Meeting the Makers conducts interviews with artisan gin makers

6: Gin Cocktail Canon

7: Gin and Tonic

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