Turbo 500 Still With Free Shipping


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Turbo 500 for home Distilling.


Turbo 500 Still with free shipping

Mile Hi Distilling offers a 2-year warranty on these Turbo 500 stills. These stills are in stock and they ship in 1-2 business days 

The Turbo 500 Still or the T500 distiller is a revolutionary product from New Zealand; a technology breakthrough. Includes faucet adapter for ease of water flow adjustment. 25 liter boiler (6.6 Gallons) with tap and an integrated closed heating element and a boil dry reset. Thermal cut out fuse, waste discharge tap, and electronic thermostat (water flow and reflux temperature) 

T500 Distiller, A Simple and Effective Home Distillery Kit

We have sold hundreds of t500 distillers over the years, because people love them for the simplicity just plug and play. The distillers come complete and ready to run a batch. If you already have the t500 we also sell a copper alembic pot still top that will just clamp on your turbo 500 boiler.  This T500 still is the best home distillery kit on the market and is also very environmentally friendly in terms of the how much water and power it uses.
The t500 distiller or Turbo 500 still is the ultimate home distillation unit. Stops producing when the alcohol is exhausted. Effectively self-contained. The “Turbo 500” or “T500” are all serial numbered for quality control.
Boiler with Lid and Drain Spigot 
Stainless Steel Condenser
1 bag of yeast
One Alcoholmeter
One Molded Test Jar
Two year warranty from date of purchase

120 Volt ( 1600 Watts )

Free shipping applies to orders shipped within the continental United States. T-500 Stills ship within 1-2 business days 

International orders and orders to Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico will be discounted shipping rates.

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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

21 reviews for Turbo 500 Still With Free Shipping

  1. Unknown

    I’ve looked at the plans on the forums to build my own, still but was not clear as to the entire process.
    So I purchased this device. I’ve ran it four times now with very impressive results! (175-185) It’s a little tricky to get the
    water temp just right because the adjuster screw is very small/sensitive, but once you do, just sit back and keep an eye on it.
    I ended up drilling mine, and putting a long dowel through it.

    On a side note, my water temperature is *much* colder than the examples in the book. So I had to run closer to 76-78c as opposed
    to 60-65c as the book recommends for water-out temp.

    I am very happy with this product and have no intention of building a still from scratch at this point.

  2. brian

    Thank you mile high. I give your company five stars as well!! Great customer service answered all my questions as I am new but
    having a blast. First run cherrys I picked and froze from summer. 193 proof!!

  3. Travis

    Mile Hi Distilling has extraordinary customer service. I was updated via email with shipping and my product arrived exactly
    when they said it would. I could not wait to open my package and get it setup. However, I was set back when I found a
    free Mile Hi Distilling calendar and stopped what I was doing to have a look before preceding lol. Thank you for the calendar and
    the excellent customer service. Definitely will be ordering my products exclusively from your company.

  4. Tony

    The still works great. I have a well and the water pressure is not always consistant because the pressure switch keeps
    the pressure between 30 and 55 lbs of pressure. This makes the flow valve hard to keep flowing at a consistant level.
    If you live in a city and have consistant water pressure it would take less attention. This is an answer to another review
    saying it is hard to control the flow. I feel that it is well worth the trouble. Product turns out GREAT.

  5. Unknown

    Love the turbo 500! This unit is easy to use. Yield and quality is every excellent.
    It does take time for the still to reach op temp.(2 to 2.5 hours) but will produce a good quality spirit/fuel.
    Temp is also hard to get set some times depending on my wash.
    But I’ve found that 170 F – 175 F water out let has worked best for me in such a cold climate.
    Thanks for the calendar, turbo yeast , and the test jar and alcohol meter. My business will only go to you guys.
    Love the fact that your in Colorado too. Keep up the good work

  6. Unknown

    This little diamond will create a steady 188 proof in this side of the USA.
    Keep it running at 55 to 57 Celsius and the entire mix will be at that rate.

    Run it a little hotter at around 60c and it’ll be 180 to 182.

    Dude, get this, you can’t go wrong, tons of information on youtube as well.

  7. Steve

    as advertised. fast shipping. quality craftsmanship. easy to use. easy to clean. 185 proof every time. great customer service. great product.
    Electric 8 Gallon moonshine still with 2″ inch Dual Purpose Tower
    $595.00 is next on my wish list.
    Reflux runs too clean for my taste. Not complaining I just partial to corn.
    I love my Turbo500 and very happy with it and the overall experience with MHD. Top notch across the board in my book.

  8. John Maples

    Simplicity, efficiency, and craftsmanship in one package. Others have said how good this still is, I just want to add that, as a scientist,
    the design is superb in simplicity especially the excellent temperature control. It’s a work of engineering art. Exceeds expectations even in packaging and delivery.
    I believe with changing column packing material could expand its capability to be more “pot” still like, but why mess with perfection.

  9. Happy Camper

    I bought this because of the reviews and I was not disappointed. The instructions were easy to understand. The quality of the product is top notch. Its not a coffee maker!

    I ran a 6 gallon carboy of wine though it and got 1.75 liters of 185 proof on my first try in just 2 hours boil time.

    Wow wow wow

  10. Ralph

    This was one of the things on my Bucket List, some 40 years ago I was going to set up a still to produce quality shine,
    purchased the materials, but never built the still. I purchased this a few weeks ago after doing on-line research,
    it has exceeded all my expectations in producing quality liquor at high proof.
    My first batch using corn sugar wash produced 180 to 184 proof of good quality liquor,
    not like some of the crap I’ve tasted recently. Using corn sugar results in a high proof and sweet flavor,
    essences available at Mile High added to the finished product can make it taste like the best quality bourbon or Irish Whiskey.
    The only problem I’ve had is the outlet temperature probe for the digital thermometer will leak if not seated just right on the outlet water.
    Mile High Distilling is my place of choice for all my supplies, I’ve found they have the best prices. I order on line and pick up my order the next day, always ready.
    If you are looking for a small still simple to setup and use you can’t beat The Turbo-500

  11. Scott R.

    I absolutely LOVE this still!!!! The highest quality home distilled spirits I have ever tasted. Dilution is a must,
    this thing puts out 190-194 proof every single run!!!! Glad I did my homework and chose the TURBO-500!!

  12. Unknown

    I have had this unit for two years and wanted to use it to really find out the good and bad before writing a review –
    I would have given this unit 5 stars but the only problem I have is dialing in the correct water flow for the temp I want
    in the column it is such a slight adjustment to little or to much can throw your water temp off in the column and don’t flush
    a toilet or run another faucet in the house while your running the column temp will bounce all over the place – as far as quality
    spirits the best you can get and when there is no more spirits to produce you can tell right away the column temp rises and the
    product flow drops right off and will totally stop producing – I run between 145 to 150 water temp with column temp 173 – 174 always
    a perfect 182 final spirit crystal clear –

  13. Unknown

    Thoroughly enjoyed the spirits made with this unit. Although I guess you see it’s been awhile since I ordered my step son destroyed my unit.
    In grateful little bastard I guess he didn’t realize that’s how everyone was eating. You guys wouldn’t cut me a real deal on another???

  14. robert

    Thoroughly enjoyed the spirits made with this unit. Although I guess you see it’s been awhile since I ordered my step son destroyed my unit.
    In grateful little bastard I guess he didn’t realize that’s how everyone was eating. You guys wouldn’t cut me a real deal on another???

  15. hockeydevil07

    It works great! I’ve used it twice since I got it, and it’s very easy to set up and use. I’m using it for distilling and purifying the alcohol from fermented herbs, and it’s been great so far!

  16. Lyman

    Fast shipping and the still worked awesome. First run went great and my second wash is brewing. I would recomend this to anyone. Quality product at a good price.

  17. Jeff

    Great still. Came off a “Mr Distiller”, and while that was fine as an entry point, the T500 is definitely a step up. I replaced the stainless saddles in the tower with ceramic. And through in some copper mesh at the bottom. So, from top to bottom, (a) copper saddles, (b) ceramic saddles, (c) copper mesh.

    Just finished my first run. I used a 10lb bag of plain, granulated sugar to make a 25L wash. Also used “Vodka” yeast, that liquid carbon stuff and the clearing agent (bought here). Ran the column right under 65C, but this took quite a bit of fiddling to keep it hovering right there (more on this in a moment)

    As many have already stated, a 25L wash yielded enough 93% spirits to make approximately 4.5 L of 40% ABV. Distillation took every bit of 6 some hours, from the time I poured the wash in and fired up the pot, to the time I shut it down for cleaning. You would not want to leave the house with this thing running, so allow enough time.

    I did not make any cuts, did not do a stripping run, but did run the final 40% ABV through a carbon filter. In the end, the alcohol was very drinkable. I would not describe it as exactly “smooth” or “neutral”, but perfectly drinkable over ice. Think somewhere between an inexpensive vodka (e.g. Smirnoff) and a more top-shelf, like Belvedere. I’m sure a stripping run would make a difference, as would some cuts.

    But really, the still works great. Much on the internet about staying away from this still from the “knowledgeable” amateurs, but not at all sure why. The T500 is affordable, easy to setup and use, yield is great, and the final product, with little effort, is just fine.

    If I had one recommendation / criticism, it is how *sensitive* the column is to temperature variations secondary to water flow variation. I can’t imagine running this thing w/o the flow regulator pump, also sold here. When I ordered the still, I added the flow regulating pump to my order, just to be safe. Now having used the still, i can’t imagine running without it.

  18. chae007

    Add the water pump to this unit and it is outstanding I have run over a 1000 gallons of mash through mine gives me yields over 190 abv each time clear and smooth when you finish with the ez carbon filter system. Going to add the copper dome next and improve on perfection

  19. Robert L McClellan (verified owner)

    I ordered the “500” in Nov, 2019 and upon receipt, made a run. There was a slight leak at the “black box”. Sent a text and had a new “500” and return label within a few days. Received the new still and made a run 2 days ago. OH MY GOSH!! Ran the first 100 mls @ 48/50c and four pints @ 55c. Set the temp and let it go. The temp did not move more the 3 degrees c. bumped it up to 60c and finished the run. Ran consistent at 188 proof. I had great service from the Staff, and a great Still!!! Can’t say enough! Have had several still through the years, but this is the greatest thing since “canned peanut butter!

    By the way, the water regulator works wonders!

  20. Brian Wolaniuk (verified owner)

    i also bought because of reviews

    easy to operate

    controlling the water is a bit of the challenge but not impossible

    made 2 batches now


    hats off to mile hi

    i have to air stills to sell

    open to offers

  21. Brian Wolaniuk (verified owner)

    2 air stills to sell

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