Lid is not included 

Stainless weld on top for keg is an 8 inch diameter,2.5″ tall, 16 gauge thick with a rolled top so it can be used with any of our milk can lids.  Turns your keg into an easy to clean and adaptable still boiler. This weld on top is the same top on our stainless milk cans so now the DIY do it yourself type person can cut a hole in the top of their keg and weld in this stainless top. Use any lid to fit there still column and also have easy access to cleaning inside with the 8″ opening.

see link to milk can lids that will fit this weld on top for keg.

2 inch lid for 2 inch diameter colums

3 inch lid for 3 inch diameter columns

4 inch lid for 4 inch diameter columns

2″ ferrule for heating element if you want to weld in a 2″ ferrule for heating element on your keg

Keg not included