16 Gallon Still with 3 Inch Torpedo Reflux Tower

Note: All 16 gallon units currently have a lead time of 8-10 weeks from date of order. Dated 5/26/2023

Introducing our 16 Gallon Still with 3 Inch Torpedo Reflux Tower. One of the most popular 3″ stills on the market, the 3″ diameter Torpedo towers over at 40″ tall. It the incredibly fantastic perk of being a reflux still, increasing productivity by double, and providing a cleaner end-product.

The standard tower comes with a digital thermometer with 3″ rubber bung. The Stainless Steel upgrade for $69.99 adds a 2.5″ stainless dial thermometer assembly as a replacement for the digital thermometer and bung.

heat sources that can be used with the 16-gallon boiler is a gas burner or electric 220V controller with 5500-watt heating element.

Still Package Includes:

  • Gaskets
  • Clamps
  • Thermometer
  • column packing- copper mesh and racshig rings
  • hose package