Pot Still 8 gallon Traditional

This unit has a lead time of 2-4 weeks from date of order.

This Pot Still 8 gallon Traditional still head has been quite popular for keeping your flavors in the alcohol. This reverts back to the olden roots of distillation with a simple design and an easy run with the traditional goose neck tower. The Traditional pot still does not come with thermometer but you can add one on the can as a option. Back then, no thermometer was used and moonshiners did it all by smelling, tasting, to dial in the end product.  The Traditional Pot Still  will include one 2″ clamp, two 2″ gaskets, 1/2 pound of copper mesh and a free bag of yeast .

With all our milk cans stills you have lots of heating options like a propane burner or our 120v controller.

The 8 Gallon milk can will come with an additional clamp and gasket for the 2″ cap , and a 1/2″ threaded plug.  The 8 gallon boiler can be used with gas burner, electric hotplate or the electric heating element. A free bag of yeast is included with every still purchase.

  • Gaskets
  • Clamps
  • milk can
  • tower