2 Inch Diameter Copper Pipe To Keg Kit

2 Inch Diameter Copper Pipe To Keg Kit. Trying to connect a 2″ copper tower to a standard beer keg? Well, we have taken out the guesswork and made it simple for you. You just have to solder the copper female to the bottom of the tower and connect to the keg.

Copper pipe to keg kit includes: 2 Inch Stainless Steel Male NPT, 2 Inch Copper Female NPT, 2 Inch Clamp, and 2 Inch O-ring Gasket

All right I’m going to show you how to connect a tower that we manufactured here Mile Hi Distilling. This is a two-inch dual-purpose Tower and this is a standard stainless steel keg. Some kegs look like aluminum but believing they’re all stainless these days and this is a Schanke keg and the Schanke has basically the same kind of connector as we have on our towers so first you buy a tower you get an O-ring and you wet it which I just kind of get a wet enough to stick in the groove on the bottom of the flange. It’s on there good so I’ll feel stay on there and basically you want to try to get it lined up in the center of the top of the keg the part right there it’s a little bit tricky with one person to do this to take the clamp. The clamp goes around it, tighten it down that makes a real good tight seal now you got a nice heavy-duty 16 gallon distiller alright let me show you how to connect the three inch Tower to this we have to put two to three inch connector on here this will expand it out to the three inch flange alright one second here I’ll clamp the two-inch on there first I’ll put a 3-inch gasket on the three inch flange now the 3 inch Tower this is a torpedo tower that we manufacture here Just put that there, again this is kind of tricky to do on one hand but if you do a few times it ain’t too bad little balancing that’s all. that’s how you connect a three inch diameter tower to a beer keg you’ve got to have the two to three inch connector down here alright one more thing I want to show you if you’re making your own Tower we’ve got a copper pipe to keg kit hold on a second. Find room to set this thing down. Copper pipe to keg kit so what you have a standard flange that goes to a two-inch NPT male and take the gasket we’re going to put it under the same way on the 2 inch Tower just that gasket centered put it on there you want to kind of feel the sides here kind of get centered as good as you can and this will make a good tight seal now if you’re making a copper tower and just take your copper tower to this female 2-inch npt you can solder this to the bottom of your tower and your tower will just screw right into the top of here that’s simple and I want to show you something else I got gotcha here we recently got new you lids for our milk cans it’s really cool got dome lids now which everybody knows that you can zoom in on this little bit down here having dome lids helps the vapors get channeled up into the towers so new dome lids fit on there just like the old ones actually the same exact size just clamp on down like so cool I also want to thank everybody for all the great business Mile High is growing more than I can ever imagine it to it so thank you very much