Mile Hi Distilling 48-Hour Turbo Yeast with AG (5lb)

Dual Purpose Turbo Yeast 14% in 48 hours or 20% in 5 days. The 48-Hour Turbo Yeast with AG (5lb) is specially formulated for a pure fermentation, and produces very little volatiles. Specifically formulated to work with just sugar or mash made with corn, barley, rye, oats, etc.

This is a 5 pound bulk bag of 48 Hour Yeast. Instructions are for 6.5 gallon wash which uses 135 grams of yeast.

Instructions: Pour 5.5 gallons (21L) of warm water (104 Degrees Fahrenheit/40 Degrees Celsius) into your fermenter. Add 13 lbs. sugar to make 14% alc./vol. in 2 days, or 18 lbs. to make 20% alc./vol. in 5 days. Mix well until sugar is completely dissolved. Add 135 grams of the Turbo Yeast  and stir for one minute. Leave to ferment between 70-85 Degrees Fahrenheit/21-30 Degrees Celsius until fermentation ceases. Complete fermentation times are temperature dependent.

Important Notice: After your sugar is dissolved, cool to 70-80 Degrees Fahrenheit before adding your yeast. Any temperature 60 Degrees Fahrenheit or lower will cause your yeast to become dormant as well. Temperatures over 90 degrees Fahrenheit will cause off flavors and too hot temperatures will kill off yeast.

 Instructions will also be labeled on bag of yeast.