Distiller’s Gluco-Amylase Enzyme is used for converting gelatinized starches to sugars in fuits, grains and other starchy ingredients. The enzyme works by breaking down dextrins and strach substrates before beginning a saccharification process for conversion into sugars.

Please note: This product is used in conjunction with Alphaamylase for full conversions. Alpha Amylase can be found here

The packet has suggested instructions on the back of the packet for optimal use:

Add Gluco-amylase to liquefied slurry or mash and once below 65C or 149F, stir thoroughly and cover your heating vessel or maintain temperature at 50C-60C (122F-140F). Let sit for one hour before cooling your fermentation.

You can also add enzyme to the mash along with yeast and ferment as normal for both fermentation and saccrification at the same time.