53 Gallon Stainless jacketed Kettle with all the fittings. Made of 304 stainless. See list of fittings below. A perfect solution to distill on the grain or with fruit or any solids in the kettle. The jacket creates an indirect heat so softer heat that wont burn or scorch the solids. The heat source can be steam, hot water recirculation, or hot oil recirculation. The fittings will allow to recirculate hot water through the jacket to heat as well.

Fittings on jacketed kettle include;

  • 8” tri-clamp on top
  • Two 2” tri-clamp ferrules into jacket for entry and exit of water or oil.
  • One 6″ clean out on top of the vessel
  • One 2″ tri-clamp fitting for fill port or viewing window.
  • 2” drain that drains from the center. This kettle has a slight conical bottom and drains from the center. 2″ tube drain with tri-clamp ferrule for drain out of main pot
  • Two ½” female pipe couplings for thermometer probes. One for the jacket and one for inner pot.
  • Two handles one on each side for moving and handling
  • Thick stainless skirt so kettle sit directly on the floor

Does not include clamps, gaskets, end caps, safety valve, and threaded fittings. All loose fittings will need to be purchased separately.

Dimensions; Approximately 33” diameter and 40″ tall

Capacity is 53 gallons

Made with 304 stainless steel

This jacketed kettle ships by truck.