Neutral spirit active dry yeast, DistilaMax® DS is an active dry yeast for use in a wide range of grain and with sugar-based fermentations. Rapid fermentation, strong stress resistance, and a high alcohol tolerance make this a great performing yeast in adverse conditions. DistilaMax® DS neutral spirit yeast is well suited to fermenting a broad range of mash styles and produces a congener profile that can benefit spirits ranging from vodka and neutral grain alcohol., to base whiskies and light straight whiskey.

  • Alcohol Tolerance: 20% ABV
  • Optimal pH Range: 3.5-6
  • Optimal Temp.: 88-93F (31-33.9C)

Directions for use:

To rehydrate the dried yeast to its fully active state, add yeast to liquids between 90-105F (32-40.5C). let sit for 15 minutes.

Add 1.5 grams of yeast to 1 gallon of wash. Lower levels can be used if there is a propagation or conditioning
stage before the fermenter.


DistilaMax® DS should be stored in a cool, dry area for maximum stability and adequate shelf life. When stored under these conditions, the product is
stable for 36 months from the date of manufacture.

Please note that this dry yeast only and will need a yeast nutrient in order to ferment correctly. DistilaVite GN Yeast Nutrient works well with this yeast.